Leadership Through Excellence

Rashi Granite Exports Pvt. Ltd. (RG) has been redening excellence in granite manufacturing since 1989. Established by Mr. R.K. Kandoi, it is one of India's oldest, largest and most reputed granite producers.

Today, we are the country's biggest exporters of Granite, with a 100% Export Oriented Unit, and presence in six continents. We have gained global leadership in the market with state of the art equipment that is imported from Italy and Germany.

RG has created world-class infrastructure by commissioning fully automatic machinery such as Gangsaws, Multi-head Line Polishing Machines, Multi-blade Block Cutters, Multi-wires etc. These equipment have been sourced from leading manufacturers from around the world. What's more, we have a dedicated team of professionals with a rich and varied experience and industry expertise.

Our organization has been founded on the strong principles of quality, integrity and transparency. These inherent values have been our guiding lights on our road to excellence and global leadership. Our commitment to delivering the best has been reinforced by accolades and awards from the industry - winning the Best Customer award from Banks, Award for Distinguished Growth from the Govt. of India, Award from All India Granite Association, and from various prestigious bodies.

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